I use exclusively Making Math Real® based methods in my math sessions.  If I'm also helping a child learn to read and spell I use Structured Word Inquiry.  

The gallery of photographs below were taken in session, and serve to illustrate my style: fully present, totally absorbed, and joyful.


An excellent way to learn more about the Making Math Real® Institute & Multisensory Structured Methods is to watch the following free series of videos:

Making Math Real®: An Introduction to the Overview is a 90-minute, 17-chapter video that provides simplified, comprehensive foundations for a practical, systematic, multisensory, structured program in basic mathematics. Making Math Real® is designed for educational therapists, special educators, elementary and secondary classroom teachers, and especially parents. Viewers will preview how to learn to break math down to its concrete, core elements using hands-on, manipulatives-based activities demonstrated by David Berg, Creator of the Making Math Real® Multisensory Structured Methods and founder and director of the Making Math Real® Institute. The emphasis of this overview is on concept-procedure integration and sensory-cognitive development, the two principal strands essential for understanding and implementing the Making Math Real® methodologies. Viewers will learn multisensory, structured techniques that guide students from the concrete to the abstract, thus helping them build essential development as they link their concrete experience to the symbolic notation of math rather than rely on rote memorization or tricks.