Emily O’Connor taught and tutored my son for three amazing years.  He came to her as a fourth grader with first grade level math and reading skills, low self-esteem, and no confidence that he could ever learn. Mrs. O’Connor turned his skills and attitude around quickly.  She has a comprehensive knowledge of how students with dyslexia process information, and countless strategies for teaching them in the way they learn.  Even when explaining complex concepts, her humor and empathy shine through.  My son and I were delighted to find out that he could in fact learn math and reading, and have fun while doing so.

Shannon Koenen, parent

We’ve spent years looking for a tutor like Emily for our 7th grade daughter, Ella.  Our daughter has dyslexia and though her spelling is a challenge, math was her main struggle in school. Since it took us years to figure out how best to support Ella, her understanding of math was significantly behind for her grade level. Even with years of previous tutoring services, she still couldn’t grasp concepts like multiplication, fractions and division. After just a few short weeks with Emily, Ella is finally understanding these concepts and more importantly, feels more confident in math. Emily is amazing and Ella LOVES going to tutoring. 

Gaylen Beatty, parent

As a classroom teacher and faculty leader, Emily O'Connor is consistently innovative, forward thinking, data driven, and results oriented.  Over three years we recorded student gains in math and reading that were unbelievable--multiple grade levels gained each year by students designated as low performing. They certainly are high performing now! I absolutely credit these gains to Emily’s research based instruction and cutting edge teaching. She is truly a dedicated and knowledgeable instructor.

Jacqui Kennelly, former co-teacher

I had the pleasure of working as Emily’s teaching assistant in a math class during the 2013-2014 school year. She had thrown herself into the Making Math Real program, and spent many hours researching the methodologies, networking with mentors, and pouring over her notes. She was very enthusiastic about the program, and her enthusiasm spread like magic throughout the classroom. There were kids in that class who, at the beginning of the school year, were violently opposed to learning math. “I can’t do it,” they said, “I hate math.” By the end of the year, these same kids were amazed at the ease with which they could perform all of the mathematical operations. Emily made numbers come to life for her students. Her way with children is gentle, humorous, and truly caring, yet she is confident and unafraid to get down to business. She showed me how to inspire a lifelong love of learning in students, and as I pursue my own path of earning my Masters in Teaching, I thank Emily every day for what she has taught me. I mean, she makes lesson plans at home for fun. She is a true teacher.

Dan Kimbro, Teacher at Park Academy

After a friend suggested that the root of my son’s difficulties in school might be indicative of dyslexia, our family ending up coming into contact with Emily. Not only was she able to confirm our suspicions in a very direct, professional and compassionate manner, she was able to explain to my son why he was experiencing learning differently from his peers, giving him a tremendous sense of relief and empowerment. Though my son is profoundly dyslexic and the path is not easy, he makes progress with Emily in every session. She emphasizes his strengths. She gives him a variety of tools he can carry with him to assist his learning in many ways. She is very engaging and keeps him on task, without making his lessons seem like a chore. I am confident my son will not end up another statistic that falls through the cracks, but he will be able to move forward with confidence and success in his abilities. I am also certain he will flourish as a strong, differently-abled role model for others. I cannot thank Emily enough!  

Jenn Dawson, parent

Before meeting with Emily, we had tried two years of Orton-Gilliam tutoring three days a week, a semester of a specialized dyslexia school and multiple IEP support systems. Absolutely nothing provided the results that merely 5 sessions with Emily provided for my daughter. I witnessed my daughter have an A-Ha moment using the Making Math Real and watched her move from a confused and frustrated learner to an inspired and confident student. I'm immensely relieved to have found Emily for my daughter as it is with her skilled help my daughter is finally  experiencing success.

Molly Padulo, parent